Knife Forging Seminar

Spend a weekend forging your own blade!

Cost:  $400.00


In this hands on 16 hour, two day seminar you will experience the art of forging hot steel into a 10″ knife and walk away with a unfinished blade “in the black”.



Hand forged blades with "bird's beak" handles

Hand forged blades with “bird’s beak” handles

You will leave the seminar with a blade you have personally forged as well as the knowledge of the ancient art and craft of hand forging.

We provide the blade steel and use of all forging equipment.

Seminar Highlights

A historical overview – how forging came into being, its use throughout history and into contemporary times.

Metals used in forging along with specific use and purpose.

Knife design – why some designs work and others do not.

Explore different methods of knife making.  Learn why your instructor prefers forging.

Work with hammers, tongs, and other forging implements.

Understand safety and shop etiquette.

Practice proper body stance and posture in relationship to using an anvil and hammer.

Student Requirements

Leather palm canvas work gloves

Safety glasses and safety shoes/boots

Cotton work clothes (no synthetics)

2 1/2 – 3 lb. Double Headed Sledge Hammer with wood handle

Notebook and writing tools

Drinking water, non-caffeinated drinks and lunch for each day

Bandana to cover hair

Signed release of liability and information identifying any special needs or disability

Come rested, hydrated and ready to learn!

Four types of hand forged blades

Four types of hand forged blades