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Vulcan Knife of Tacoma offers a variety of sharpening and knife & tool repair services, including knife sharpening, scissor sharpening, damaged blade restoration, tool repair, axe restoration, sledge hammer restoration, wood axe handle replacement, sharpening of tools, restoration of family heirloom knives and tools, axe head sharpening and more.

Knife, Axe, Hammer & Garden Tool Repair

Have a beloved hammer or axe head that has a broken handle? No problem! We have a wide selection of brand new hickory handles to put on your tool head or if the handle is still usable we will do our best to use the same one. No tool shall go unused in our book!

Was your knife or hammer left outside over the winter, got rusty? We can refinish the head, and replace the wood handles.

A very common request we have in the shop is to repair knives that have been broken, bent, chipped from improper use or just damaged from an accidental drop on the floor.

We can fix, modify, re-profile and repair all your knives and tools, please bring them into our shop for an accurate estimate.

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