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      - ...even when they were new they didn't look THAT good!
      - Blown away by the quality and level of service they provide
      - Fantastic is the only word I can use!
      - Superb Work!
      - Vulcan did an amazing job on my knives!

Axe Head Restoration

      - Refurbished Pulaski Axe Head

Classes and Seminars

   - Advanced Knife Forging
      - Advanced Knife Forging Seminar - II
      - Advanced Knife Forging Seminar - III - Moran Style
   - Knife Forging Classes
      - Knife Forging Seminar


      - Vulcan Knife Custom T-Shirt

Cooking Knives

      - Solicut Santoku Knife
      - Solicut Tomato Slicer

Folding Knives

      - G. Sakai Money Clip Folder Knife (Bird)
      - G. Sakai Money Clip Folder Knife (Bird/Red Flowers)
      - G. Sakai Money Clip Folder Knife (Mt. Fuji)
      - G. Sakai Money Clip Folder Knife (Sakura/Cherry Blossoms)
      - Kershaw Blur Folder Knife
      - Kershaw Whirlwind Folder

Gardening Tools

      - Bonsai Hori Hori


      - Karesuando Small Hatchet

Hunting Knives

      - Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter with Sheath

Kitchen Knife Restoration

      - Dexter Enhanced Edge 8 Serrated Knife
      - Old Hickory Cleaver- Restored

Knives For Sale

   - Axes
      - Vulcan Double Bit Restored Axe
      - Vulcan Single Bit Restored Axe
   - Hunting Knives
      - Bush Weezel - Polished Curved Blade Hunting Knife
      - Citadel Hunting Knife with Carved Bone Handle
      - Hunting Knife with Buffalo Handle


      - Vulcan Gift Card

Sharpening Repair Services

   - Blade Restoration Services
      - Blade Restoration Services - Knives & Axes
   - Knife and Tool Repair
      - Knife, Axe, Hammer & Garden Tool Repair
   - Knife Sharpening
      - Knife Sharpening Prices

Tool Restoration Portfolio

   - Axe Head Restoration
      - Axes Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Buck Knife Restoration
      - Buck Knives Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Diving Knife Restoration
      - Diving Knife Polished and Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Garden Tool Restoration
      - Restored Gardening Tools By Vulcan Knife
   - Hammer Restoration
      - Ball Peen Hammers Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Claw Hammers Gallery Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Cross Peen Hammers Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Frankish Hammer Restoration by Vulcan Knife
      - Restored Roofing Hammer by Vulcan Knife
      - Sledge Hammers Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Splitting Maul Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Hunting Knife Restoration
      - Hand Forged Long Camp Knife with Tiger Maple Handle
      - Hunting Knives Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Scouting Knives Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Hunting Knives
      - Restored Hunting Knife
   - Kitchen Knife Restoration
      - Kitchen Knife Blades Restored by Vulcan Knife
      - Meat Cleaver Restored by Vulcan Knife
   - Machete Restoration
      - Machetes Restored by Vulcan Knife